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Founder's Bio

Elisa EisenbergElisa Eisenberg graduated from Tulane University School of Law in 1991. She has 25 years of experience as a litigation and trial attorney.  She has handled a variety of complex matters -- representing individuals and Fortune 500 companies in state and federal courts nationwide.

These cases involved a myriad of legal matters, including high profile contract disputes, domestic relations, elder care, construction, environmental liability, products liability, professional liability, bankruptcy, gun liability, and toxic tort liability.

In 2007, Elisa found herself immersed in a lawsuit that resulted in an avoidable and expensive outcome.  Since that time, she has been counseling a variety of clients to identify their legal needs, coaching them in dealings with their attorneys, detecting flaws in their attorney’s representation, and analyzing attorney billings for appropriateness and value.

She continues to counsel clients and be an advocate working to level the playing field between client and attorney.  Through her work, writings and speaking, she is dedicated to bringing about reform in legal practices.








We are not a law firm, we are attorneys dedicated to reforming legal practices

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