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About Us: Elisa's Story

If it can happen to me, an attorney, it can happen to you.

I am an attorney.  I have been a litigator for 25 years.  A number of years ago, I engaged a law firm to represent me in an employment discrimination matter.  Over the course of the case, I became increasingly displeased with the firm’s representation, with the attorneys’ treatment of me, and with their billings.

Now you would think that as an attorney, I would have had the ability to resolve these issues.  But as I learned, there is a vulnerability to being a legal consumer, even an educated one.  Even though I had been swimming with the sharks for many years, it turned out I was ill equipped as a legal consumer to advocate for myself when the relationship became strained.

In retrospect, I realize that I made four key mistakes:

  1. Didn’t do my homework on the attorneys I retained
  2. Failed to get the right counseling from my attorneys
  3. Allowed a breakdown in communication
  4. Addressed the billing issues too late

But I also realize that even if I had already known of these potential problems, I would not have been able to advocate for myself.  In the final analysis, being an attorney turned client gave me insights that can be of service to others who are or will be legal consumers.

The playing field needs to be leveled for all who step on, and that is why I founded the Center for Legal Practice Reform (LPR), with the mission to do just that.


We are not a law firm, we are attorneys dedicated to reforming legal practices

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